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Axe Throwing is the newest and hottest form of active entertainment. Invite your friends, family or coworkers out for pulse-pounding, adrenaline filled-fun as you learn to hit bullseyes with an axe! If you are looking for an activity that will be etched into your mind for eternity, THIS IS IT!

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Loyal Ragnarok Axe Throwing Customers

At this time we have made the difficult decision to close our doors until April 1st. Even though this may impact our small business in the short term, we know that doing our part in againt the COVID-19 is right thing for our guests and our community. At this time we are asking guests to consider rescheduling their reservation. As a small business, if we refunded everyone who has reservations through the next several weeks it is unclear whether or not we would be able to open our doors once the dust settles. We also understand the current climate may have put others in a tough financial spot, and can issue refunds if your personal situation requires it. Once again, thank you for your business. We look forward to the day we can re-open our doors and bring some much-needed joy to the world!

Axe Throwing

Corporate Team Building

Finally toss boring team building out the window and toss an axe!

Birthdays / Bachlor(ette)

Celebrate that special someone’s big day with cake, axes and bullseyes!

Date Night

Looking for some kindling to keep the fire burning? We got it!

What is Axe Throwing?

How it Works

Curious to know why Axe Throwing is so much fun?

Axe Throwing is the newest and hottest form of active entertainment. Grab a real axe and our Axperts will show you how to safely throw it during a game-show-like session that will have you hoot’n and howler’n for your team mates as you compete for awesome prizes and a 7.5 inch stamp that goes anywhere on your body! This type of pulse-pounding, adrenaline filled-fun is great for both team building and amusement!

Safety is our number #1 priority. This is why each group of participants has their own Axepert to instruct them how to properly throw the axe safely. Your Axepert will call you by your chosen Lumber Jack Viking name and by the end of your session you will swear you have known them back when you wore plaid diapers.

Now that you have the hang of throwing the axe, you group will be chopped into two competing teams.  The team that wins three out of four trophies via action packed competitions will take home a prize!

WARNING: If you show up with long nails, you might not leave with them as your show is full of nail biting moments where prizes are on the line and many times just one throw determines the winners!

Oh so you think you have what it takes to be crowned a Lumber Lord champion??  Our final game of the night is called Survivor where the teams dissolve and a double elimination tournament is played with everyone against everyone to crown the over all champion who will take home a 7.5 inch stamp of “LUMBER LORD” …anywhere on their body they choose!


Our axe throwing sessions are 1.5 hours.

Public Session (per person)

$32 / pp

  • 1.5 Hours of Fun
  • Axe Throwing Training
  • Axe Competition
  • Crowing the Champion
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What People Are Saying

Went with a group of girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. Alex was a great host, hilarious and informative. Everyone said we were nuts to be throwing axes but it felt totally safe. We had a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while and so glad we chose Ragnarok Axe Throwing! Robert was our axe expert - he was fantastic, full of energy, kept us moving and competitive with a variety of games. Highly recommend- don’t miss out!

Went today with a group of 6 girls to celebrate a friends birthday. It was fantastic! Such an awesome time. Robert was our host and he made the day so much more enjoyable he was very helpful and really funny. Highly recommend

Our Axe-pertise Blog

November 21, 2019

Learn how to throw an axe from the ‘axe-perts’ at Throw Nation, Ragnarok

CHICAGO (WLS) — It’s the latest trend in entertainment venues: active entertainment ranging from escape rooms to axe throwing..

November 20, 2019

Ragnarok Axe Throwing; Nonstop Fun

If you’re down for a crazy and adventurous outing with your crew, this is the place for you!  .


You and your best mates will spend 1.5 hours becoming intimate with a 1.5lb piece of whirling wood and metal as you learn, practice and then finally square off toe to toe in a group tournament that will result in the crowning of an Axe Throwing Champion.  Our Axe Throwing sessions are run by trained Axeperts who will show you how to safely handle an axe and chuck it with accuracy while giving you tips on how to capture that illustrious Bullseye!

It costs $32.00 per person plus a processing fee of $2.89 and a PPA tax.

You must be at least 18 years old to throw an axe.

This Chicago location holds up to 44 people at a time in two different axe throwing suites.

Asgard is located in suite 410, and holds up to 24 guests for events and Valhalla is in suite 821 and holds up to 20 guests.

You can come as one person or you can book out the entire range for a private party.

Give us a call to book private parties of 8 or more, we will be chopp’n a lot of wood together!

To book a private party call us at (470) 236-2699 or email

Because inside of you there is a vibrant Viking that has been dying to be let loose!  And because it is so much fun!!  Indoor Axe Throwing has been around in Canada for 10 years and is a popular pastime for our friendly neighbors up North.  Learning the sport of Axe Throwing in a safe and controlled environment from an experienced instructor is a great way to be introduced to the sport.  The thrill of victory and rush of adrenaline you get when you sink a bullseye and hear your friends screaming your name will be etched into your brain from eternity!

“You haven’t fully lived until you have thrown an axe!” – The Most Interesting Man In The World

Yes.  Throwing axes is similar to other target sports. Provided that participants follow the instructions and safety rules explained by our staff and use common sense, throwing an axe is safe.  Our experienced and highly trained staff are in the throwing arena with you at all times and monitor your throws for safety and guide you through the entire process. Only participants that have gone through our safety course are allowed to enter the throwing arena.  There is no passing of axes between players and players must follow specific instructions from their axe supervisor.

We allow guests to bring their own snacks and soft drinks, but due to the logistics of our building, we do not recommend bringing that much! Per Chicago law guests are not permitted to bring alcohol.

Sorry, the City of Chicago does not allow for people to bring alcohol.

Please book online or over the phone.  Please check to see if there are tickets available, make the purchase and come on in to throw axes!

Not at this time, sorry!

Yes, tipping your Axepert is not necessary but greatly appreciated.  You haven’t done something this fun in a long time and a large part of that fun is the non-stop energy that your Axepert will deliver on the day of your session!

Please call us or shot us an email with the time you would like to have your Private Party and we will schedule an Axepert!

Anything Vikingesque will increase your stick rate by 15%. Please do not wear high heels or open toed shoes.

Absolutely!  It is only a myth that Vikings are born with an axe in their hand.  You will work with our Viking Axeperts to learn the safe and proper way to throw an axe.  You will fail at first, but then with a little coaching you will get closer and closer to hitting a Bullseye.

We are on the 8th floor of the Chicago Fine Arts building located at:

410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite #821 & Suite 410, Chicago, IL

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to get to the location once you are inside of the building.

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410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite #821, Chicago, IL