This is NOT the typical team building activity.

Ragnarok Axe Throwing provides high INTENSITY and pulse-pounding adrenaline as you and your comrades battle and overcome the challenges of properly throwing an axe and then divide into teams to compete for prizes!

It is the perfect set of circumstances to breakdown walls and communication barriers, as well as promote a teamwork mentality that will translate into better comfort and confidence in co-workers and leave you with stories to share around the office for years to come.

What can you expect?

Strength, brains, fancy degrees and positions in the company are all left on the sidelines when each member steps into the axe range.  Axe Throwing can be done by anyone of any size, thus an equal playing field for everyone in your company is created where a true exhibition in adaptability, quick learning, applied confidence and ample amounts of bad axe self-talk rule the day!

How can you book your team?

To book your corporate event please email or call 1-470-236-2699.  Emailing your desired times and number of participants is the quickest way to book your team-builder.  You are going to love this corporate team builder!